Farming Valentines

Valentine’s Day is always a fun day for me and this year I have a little Valentine in addition to hubby to spoil too! Doug and I are long past romantic date nights on this special day (we despise crowds and usually go out another night) but for the past several years we’ve been in the barn together taking care of our sheep and doing what we love. Most of my farming friends can relate to these date nights and remember them fondly. Sure we used to fight the crowds and go out to eat and to a movie on this special day, but what we really love now is spending quality time together as a family and loving on our little sweetheart ❤️ and all the other little sweethearts in the barn.  Farming in general has very few days off but we couldn’t be more proud to live this lifestyle and show our little girl what hard work can do. So no we do not miss fighting the crowds on Valentine’s Day, but if that’s your thing then eat some lamb (anything you eat supports agriculture but we’re partial to lamb 😄) and post your pictures for us all to see on Instagram (we will live vicariously through you!). We will be in the barn most likely and will eat whenever we get home and get baby bear settled in for the night. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I hope my Valentine knows that 😘 (maybe he reads my ramblings and maybe he doesn’t!). Have a wonderful day and as always thank you for reading my random thoughts! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from our barn to yours! 

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