Before and After

This ewe has been looking close to lambing for several days now, and we’ve been dying to meet her lambs! Tonight she finally lambex with a little assistance and has two healthy and huge lambs. I pulled the first one out and thought surely there would not be another one…..and sure enough there was one more who was almost as big 😳 

This is her before lambing (thank you Abi for the picture!) 

Obviously she was trying to snooze earlier today, resting up for labor 🙂 

And then this is a picture after she lambed with help from me and Doug, deflated balloon for sure! 

And here are her little angels, snug as little bugs in a rug, but probably wanting to get back inside mama! 

That’s all for tonight! Eventful day in the lambing barn for sure! 5-6 ewes lambed and lots of healthy little ones are snuggling in the lambing jugs tonight. Thankful for family that helps us out completely and the ability to go home to check on the sheep 🐑 Have a wonderful evening and thank you for reading! 

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