Work Goes On

While arctic air is sweeping across many parts of the country this week, farmers and ranchers are still farming and ranching. It’s not easy or glamorous but the job must be done. And no one knows this better than a farmer who has animals to feed and care for. Hopefully there is an end in sight for these frigid temps soon! Many don’t understand the trials those of us in Agriculture face on a daily basis, let alone the difficulty brought on by colder than normal weather. They’re out in those sub-zero temps feeding animals, breaking ice or bringing water and making sure all is ok. Farming does not stop no matter what the weather ✅

Tennessee is no where near as cold as the Midwest but it’s a challenge nonetheless. I pray that our friends in the north and Midwest (and everywhere!) stay warm and that your sheep hold off on lambing as long as they can.

And if they do lamb hopefully they can snuggle up under heat lamps with friends or their mamas pretty quickly like these guys below 💗

Stay warm friends! Hopefully warmer temps are just around the corner 💗

Thank you for reading and Happy Lambing!

-Jessy Shanks

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