Sunday Fun

K woke up wanting to go to the barn with her daddy this morning 😍 We stayed home while he went to take care of the sheep but she kept asking to go to the barn most of the day. We finally said it’s time to feed around 4:30 and K started saying “let’s go!” and asking her uncles and aunts to go to the barn with us 💗 All she had to say to them was “Barn, go, pease (please)???” And they were hooked!

Kimsey enjoyed showing them how to feed bottles and the ewes in lambing jugs. Mostly she enjoyed traipsing around the mixing pen with everyone 😂 This child has no fear and loves all the sheep 🐑

We hope everyone reading this has a great weekend and is ready to take on the work week! We’ve got 8 more ewes to Lamb so we’re looking forward to lambing the last one 😍 Have a great week! And as always thank you for reading!

-Jessy Shanks

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