Summer Camp

We are so happy that spring has finally arrived here in TN! Makes chores a bit more comfortable for a while until the summer heat hits. We are gearing up to wean lambs soon and getting excited for some upcoming sheep sales (on the road to the National Southdown Sale now!) Sheep sales not only mean getting to look at high quality sheep from all over the country, but also reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen since November. 

Show season is like summer camp used to be as a kid. You get all excited for one week of camp and it seems like the week goes by slowly and quickly at the same time. Show season is longer than a week of course but you know what I mean. 

Making new friends and connecting with old ones is what showing livestock is all about. You never know when you might need a buddy to help you out on the side of an interstate or someone to help you wash your lamb’s at the next fair. Just like your fellow campers have remained lifetime friends so will livestock folks.  So keep getting excited about summer time and fair season creeping up on us, I know we are excited! 

Summer camp will be over and gone before we know it so we might as well enjoy it while it lasts! 

Take care and safe travels! 

-Jessy Shanks

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